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The London Film School (Graduated with Distinction in Direction)
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Science (Department of Journalism and International Politics)


BESA (Created by Tony Jordan, 12 episodes, mts TV & TV PRVA, currently in worldwide sales and distribution)

THE OUTPOST (Series 2, Episodes 9 & 10, Syfy & The CW)

FREE REIN (Series 2, Episodes 5-10, Netflix)

SILENT WITNESS (Series 17, Episodes 9 & 10, BBC1)

DEATH IN PARADISE (Series 3, Episodes 3 & 4, BBC1)

VERA Young Gods, written by Gaby Chiappe (Series 3, Episode 3, ITV)

MISFITS (final two episodes (7-8) for series 4 of the BAFTA winning drama, produced by Clerkenwell Films)

SATISFACTION (pilot for 8x1hr drama series for Company Pictures and Eatme Productions, for BBC)

ŽENE SA DEDINJA (WOMEN FROM UPTOWN) (8x1hr drama series 1, for Emotion Production, Serbia) Directed the pilot and the whole first season.

GRANGE HILL (20x1/2hr drama series, produced by Mersey TV for BBC)
Directed 2 episodes.

HOLLYOAKS (teen drama series produced by Mersey TV for Channel 4)
Directed 41 episodes.

LIVING WITH LIONEL (10X2min series – animation – b/w+colour)
Created, produced and directed an animated series for Fox Kids television. Premiered on air in July 2001.

HOW TO KILL (54min - 16mm - colour)
Adaptation of a prize-winning play by Angus Reid, inspired by the life and writing of Second World War poet Keith Douglas. Awarded second prize at the New York Television Festival.

THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR (54min – 16mm– colour)
A LFS (United Kingdom) and FRZ (Yugoslavia) co-production.
Shown at:

duck, see goose (1min - 16mm & 8mm - colour & b/w)
Promotional music video for a L.A.- based project. Three-song mix with added voice effects. Released world-wide. Won clip of the month on MTV.

THERE ARE GUEST HOUSES IN THE SAHARA (20min – 35mm – colour)
Short film based on the fictionalised account of a case study The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Dr. Oliver Sacks.

SECOND SKIN (10min – 16mm – colour)
Documentary on tattooing. Screened on BBC2.


A feature film: Martha, a mediator in children adoption, and orphan Marko, form a tumultuous emotional relationship and flee from the general cruelty caused by the institutionalised inhumanity of the adoption process. (Attached as director, currently in development, with Film Center Serbia funding.)

A feature film for children: 12-year old Elvira, champion gamer and hacker with a police record is kidnapped, then becomes an eco-warrior on a dangerous and mystical mission.

(plus 2) A six-part triptych: a futuristic, an occult and a time-travel story set in a modern urban environment.

BLACK WIND (8x50min)
A British Interpol officer gets tangled in a murder case involving political corruption, set against a backdrop of witchcraft in the time-forgotten settlements in eastern Serbia.

CLAY (6x60min)
A young family's eight-year-old daughter is brutally murdered. A dark, multi-layered series inspired loosely on the Lesley Molseed case of the 70s, told from different timeframes and contradictory perspectives.

Drama series about London, Britishness and surviving in a metropolis, but from the perspective of eight immigrants.

13 SUNDAY LUNCHES (13x50min)
Drama series, set in Belgrade, Serbia.

Screenplay in development for a feature film set in Belgrade, Serbia.

Treatment and script in development for a 90 minute drama pilot.

THE BOPKIDS (13x22min – live action/animation)
Developed the original concept with TALENT Television for a children’s adventure series.
Considered by Disney.

THE BUBBLE (50x25min – live action)
Created the original concept with KUDOS Productions for a teenage mystery soap.

THE CHILDREN OF CIRQUE DU SOLEIL (13x22min – live action/animation)
Wrote the concept, setting, characters and storylines; lead a team of writers and artists in creating an animated series for GRANADA Animation.


HAND ON THE SHOULDER (45min - 16mm - b/w)
Acted (male lead) in a film produced by The Arts Council of England and the British Screen, broadcast on Channel 4.

DIRECTING ACTORS WORKSHOPS with film director Theo Angelopoulos and actor Marcello Mastroianni.

December 2019